Enrollment / Admission Reports

Weekly Reports for Fall 2018

Reports for Fall 2017

Fall 2013-17 Enrollment Counts by College, Department, and Level

This report tracks 5-year trends in Fall Census enrollment at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels across each UIC college and department.

2017-2018 Mid Academic Year Admissions Pathways Assessment

The 2017-2018 Mid Academic Year Admissions Pathways Assessment analyzes the first-semester retention and GPA of students admitted through the Academic and Enrollment Services (AES) innovative admissions pathways. The innovative admissions pathways include Admission Via Excellence (AVE; Top 4%), Augmented College Criteria Evaluation for Student Success (ACCESS), Athletic Selective Index (ASI), and Guaranteed Admissions Transfer (GAT). Tables compare students admitted through each pathway to the overall Fall 2017 first-year and transfer student academic performance.

Fall 2017 Enrollment Report

The Fall 2017 Enrollment Report is an overview of the Fall 2017 student population growth, academic profile, and the innovative admissions pathways contributing to UIC's continued growth. For the first time in history, UIC breached the 30,000 student benchmark with its largest incoming first-year class of 4,064. This report describes the role of critical pathways such as the President's Awards Program, ACCESS, and Top 4% in yielding a diverse and qualified student population.

Fall 2017 Recruitment and Activities Document

The Recruitment Activities Document is an overview of the activities and targeting rationale for on and off campus undergraduate recruitment. This report was most recently updated on 11-01-2017. The most up-to-date activities can be found on the AES Recruitment Calendar.

Fall 2017 Entering Undergraduates

The Report on Entering 2017 Undergraduates presents a visual profile of first-year and transfer students new to UIC for the Fall 2017 semester. It presents key class characteristics including race, gender, and high schools; and critical facts about the recruitment efforts in obtaining the class.

Reports for Fall 2016

Graphic Reports Fall 2015 First Year

Graphic Reports Fall 2014 First Year